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How Tutoring Services Near Sunnyvale Can Help Your Auditory Learner

If you were to think about the setup of your child's regular classroom environment it's often likely that the teacher will write the lesson on the board, students will copy it down, ask questions and then move on to the next lesson. While this can be beneficial, it's easy to see how this style of teaching would better suit a visual learner the most. If you have identified that your child is an auditory learner then it's possible they are missing out on important pieces of information during their lessons. This isn't due to lack of interest but simply due to the teaching style not being aligned with the learning style. For this article, The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara has a few tips to share on how you can help your auditory learner achieve, and how tutoring services near Sunnyvale can take their learning even further.

Where to Sit

Let's start with a basic yet powerful tip to helping an auditory learner. Speak with your child's teacher about sitting at the front of the class where they can clearly hear everything the teacher says. While a classroom is often quiet, it can take just the slightest distraction for an auditory learner to miss out on a crucial part of a lesson. While you're speaking with the teacher, ask if they can repeat the questions they are asked during your child's class prior to answering them as this can be a great way to reinforce the questions and answers in your child's mind.


Speaking of distractions, this is a tip for parents directly. When your child is at home studying, try to be as quiet as possible. While we aren't suggesting that you should tip-toe around the house, refrain from completing housework such as vacuuming or laundry while they study as noises as small as these can often provide enough of a distraction to impact their study time.

A Distraction-Free Learning Environment

Ideally, an auditory learner would undertake each lesson in a completely distraction-free environment, however, this is often far from an everyday classroom. To help your child learn each lesson faster and more thoroughly, speak with The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara at (408) 816-7825 about the learning spaces available which have been designed free from distractions.

Recording Lectures and Lessons

We all know that taking notes during lectures can be a great benefit to reviewing each lesson during study periods, however, writing notes quickly isn't always something an auditory learner is able to do. While it is important for them to improve their written note taking ability, complement this by providing your child with a small recording device or an app on their phone or tablet where they can record each lecture and listen to it as many times as they need during their study time. By allowing them to pause, rewind and listen again, auditory learners can often find it easier to retain important pieces of information that may have otherwise been missed. Be mindful of the privacy implications of recording devices and speak with your child's teachers or tutors prior to ensure they are comfortable allowing it.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Have you ever walked past your child's room as they're studying and heard them talking to themselves? They may be reading out aloud or perhaps having a conversation or even argument with themselves regarding a certain aspect of the lesson? This isn't cause for concern, and is often a healthy way for them to learn - so join in! Find out what your child is struggling with and talk it out with them. Just hearing their own thoughts spoken back to them, or even verbally challenged, can provide a great opportunity for them to refine their understanding of each lesson.

Finding Reputable Tutoring Services Near Me

These are just some of the great way in which you can get involved in your child's education and help them get more out of each lesson. Speak with your friends or other parents at your child's school about any tips they may have which can help, or methods they have seen success with. When it comes to helping kids learn, parents sharing knowledge can be a great benefit. To take their learning even further with tutoring services near Sunnyvale, speak with The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara at (408) 816-7825. With purpose designed study spaces available and tutors which are able to adapt their teaching style, students who attend tutoring services near Sunnyvale can see tremendous increases in their knowledge retention and overall grades.


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