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While you might consider this time of the year to be the most important, your student likely thinks otherwise. While you think about their plan for exams, assessment, and any assignments they need to complete, they think about the upcoming vacation and how much time they're going to spend with their friends.

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If this sounds like a student in your home, they aren't entirely lost to the zombie-world just yet! There's still hope! The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA has some tips below on how parents can use household chores and favors as rewards for additional learning and study.

What Is the Value of a Chore?

This is a question to ask yourself the next time that your child comes to you to tell you something like they can't possibly rake the front lawn because their friends might see them and it would be a total social nightmare the next day at school. Why? Because there are great opportunities for you to incentivize the chore. Imagine something like this:
  • Student: O.M.G. I can not believe that you want me to walk the dog! Can you imagine what the people at school will think?!
  • Dad: My guess would be that they would think you have a dog and that you are a responsible owner. But, if it's that important to you, how about I walk the dog while you read an extra chapter in your history textbook.
  • Mom: Don't forget that it's your turn to wash the dishes tonight. It should only take you about 20 minutes, then we can all watch a movie.
  • Children: Are you kidding?! It takes like three whole hours to wash ALL of the dishes! Then we have to DRY them too! That's another 2 hours! This is the worst - we're never going to watch a movie.
  • Mom: Wow! That's a long time to wash the dishes. I think that I can do it myself in 20 minutes. How about I wash the dishes and you review your essay for spelling mistakes while I wash. Then we can all watch a movie.
Used over a short period or in the lead up to an important exam or assessment period, swapping small chores for additional study time can be a great benefit to their recall skills. However, it is important not to use this technique full-time so your student can learn about chores and responsibilities. If you notice that your student seems to be reviewing the same information over and over or you can visually notice they are struggling with a particular lesson, tutoring in Santa Clara, CA can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA at (408) 816-7825 to book a free assessment and consultation. During your first visit, you can ask a trained learning professional any questions you have about the available subject focused tutoring programs or how your student can benefit from one-on-one tutoring in Santa Clara, CA.

Learning While You Drive

If you were to ask your children what they loved most about school, they would likely say it was with their friends. Of course, this bond continues out of school. The difference being that at school they are around each other. When they are at home, then it is your driver's license and car which are key. Imagine the following:
  • Student: Dad! Every single person in my class is going to my friend's sleepover tonight! If I'm the only one who doesn't go it will be a social nightmare at school tomorrow! Can you please drive me?
  • Dad: Quite the conundrum! How about I agree to drive and during the 25 minutes, you can review your essay for spelling and punctuation errors?
  • Children: Hey, Mom! Did you see that our favorite band is playing at the mall tonight? The problem is it's too late for us to take the bus. If only there were a magical way we would get there...
  • Mom: I did hear. I don't know about magic, but I do know that I can drive you there and back if you spend the time reading over last night's study notes.
Small instances like driving to the mall or a friend's house are great ways to squeeze in some incidental learning opportunities and can work to keep your child's brain active and refreshed.

Children of All Learning Levels Can Benefit From Tutoring in Santa Clara, CA

Just because a parent didn't study biochemistry in college doesn't mean they aren't able to help their children with the subject. It just takes creative ways, such as the ones listed here. If your child struggles in a particular area of their learning or they need assistance preparing for exams and assessments, The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA can help. Call today at (408) 816-7825 to book your free consultation where you can learn more about how one-on-one tutoring in Santa Clara, CA can help your child succeed.


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