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How to Help Your Child See the Importance of Learning With Tutoring Services in Santa Clara

As your children head to school, often armed with a tablet and their cell phones their social lives really start to begin. Between using their cell phones to share pictures and status updates and their tablets for general web browsing of the latest trends, it can be difficult to understand exactly what ‘s happening once they leave your front door. While these distractions certainly have their own effects, there is another type of social influence that is likely affecting your child's’ educational path - school-based social influences. With extensive experience creating learning spaces purpose designed to combat these effects, The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara has a short piece for you to read to help you understand more about how the social influence at your child’s school is affecting their grades.

How Powerful a Small Word Can Be

The small word that we are talking about is the word ‘cool’. Such a small word that has such a powerful effect in a schooling environment. Unfortunately, it isn’t often a word that is synonymous with excelling in school. This word can form the very basis of how social influence can affect your child’s grades and schooling path.

What Happens When a Child Wants to Know More?

During a regular classroom, it’s a teacher's role to be there to answer any questions that a student may have. Whether these questions relate to obtaining further clarification about a lesson they’ve understood or asking more and more questions about a lesson they haven’t. The problem arises, however, when there are negative connections between students believing that asking these questions, for whatever reasons, affects how ‘cool’ they can appear during class. The problem with this is obvious - students who feel uncomfortable asking their teacher these questions leads to them either learning the wrong information or not learning at all. Try as you and their teachers do, it’s often quite the challenge to convince your children that this level of social standing during their schooling years is solely mental and has no impact on their future academic opportunities or employment options that are made available to them. To combat this influence, The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara has worked hard to create dedicated spaces purpose designed for students to feel free of this social influence and feel comfortable asking as many questions as they like until they fully understand each and every lesson they are presented with. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara at (408) 816-7825 and ask how this type of environment facilitates a positive learning environment and has a direct connection with an increase in a student’s grades.

More Than Just Their Friends

With parents having little understanding of the full extent of their child’s social lives, it can easy to assume that their child is just trying to impress their friends. Often this causes parents to focus their energy on which friends their child is keeping and possibly addressing any issues with their friend directly, leading to a worsening of the problem. In fact, in many cases, the influence of not feeling ‘cool’ comes from students who are not only not your child's friend but have little to no interest in their lives. These students are often known as the ‘cool kids’, and can have little to no interest in learning throughout their schooling path. With the power of social influence, students like yours are trying their best to not only get the positive attention of these students but avoid any negative attention. Of course, now that we, as adults and parents have completed our studies we are well aware of just how little impact social standing throughout our schooling lives has had on our future academic and employment options, and in most cases are actively aware of the detriment that focusing energy on these matters can have. Unfortunately, it can be this very lesson that is the hardest to convey to any student, given that lessons from a parent can have little impact when compared to hours of schooling in a socially influenced environment.

How Can Tutoring Service Near Me in Santa Clara Help?

For parents looking to complement their own lesson on the importance of ignoring social status during school, many parents see uncomparable results from providing their children with tutoring services in Santa Clara. As mentioned above, learning in a space that is not only dedicated to learning but one that shows the immediate connection between focusing on their study and the future options can be the difference a child needs to excel. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara at (408) 816-7825 and ask about the type of learning environment available for your child to excel. In addition to providing such an environment, The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara are able to match this with purpose designed programs that work to actively promote learning and the benefits that it can provide for students, both short and long term.


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