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It’s no surprise that many students find sitting exams to be a daunting task which can lead to low grades and nerves. However, there are ways to prevent this from happening to your student.

The grades and results which a student achieves on their exams can determine their future academic path and even the types of career opportunities which will be made available to them. For this reason, it’s important for all students to prepare as best they can and ensure they give the task 100% of their effort.

Help Your Student Prepare for Exams

The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA is well versed in preparing students for their exams and has prepared some great tips below to help your child prepare for and do well on their exams.

It All Starts With a Plan

Just like all tasks, the best way to take on an exam is with a plan, and that plan starts as soon as you are told about an upcoming exam. Start by writing the details of the exam in your calendar or planner. Then, think about the type of studying you will need to complete, including any time spent at a library or museum, tutoring sessions, online research, or even group study sessions. Once you know this, work your way back through the calendar from the exam date and plan your studying while you still have the planner in your hand. This is not only a great way to prevent students from forgetting about exams but also ensures that there is sufficient study time already booked out and available.

Learning Tools

If you use a range of learning tools in the classroom then there is a good chance that a selection of these will be required to sit the corresponding exam. Prior to the exam, find out what is needed and make sure that you have it all on hand and that all of these items work. For example, have fresh batteries for your scientific calculator. Additionally, there will be exams which will allow you to take a small page of notes with you to assist during the exam. If this is the case, be sure to take advantage of the resource and create a concise set of notes, always remembering that this is in no way a cheat sheet and you will still be required to study. If your student struggles to achieve high results on their exams or their grades could use a boost, one-to-one tutoring in Santa Clara, CA can help. Call The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA at (408) 816-7825 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment and find out more about how tutoring can help your child reach their academic potential.

Change the Order

It doesn’t matter how well a student prepares for an exam, there will be times when a student just can’t complete the entire exam. The problem with this situation is that students who are engaged in their learning and spent the time studying miss out on points for topics they focused their studying on simply because these questions were at the end of the exam. A technique to help combat this is to review the exam and identify any sections, pages, or questions which you are confident can be answered correctly and quickly and focus on these first. Once these have been completed, move through the remainder of the exam. This can help students who studied to earn as many points as possible for correct answers.

Everything Needs to Be Reviewed

You wouldn’t hand in an assignment before reviewing it, so why would you hand in an exam without first reviewing your answers? Despite how obvious it may seem, many students focus on answering as many questions as possible until the time runs out. And as conscientious as this is, it can be a recipe for disaster. A rushed hand which writes an incorrect letter or number or a brain which moves on before the hand has finished is all it takes for an incorrect answer to be submitted and a grade to be lost. Prevent this by reviewing your answers before handing in the exam. When you can see the end time approaching, forego answering one or two more questions and review what you have completed so far in order to ensure everything is correct and clear.

One-To-One Tutoring in Santa Clara CA Can Help

If your student needs a helping hand to prepare for exams or they are struggling in class, tutoring in Santa Clara, CA can help. To find out more, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA and speak with a professional tutor. Call today at (408) 816-7825 and help your student reach their academic potential.


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