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There is no denying that hitting the textbooks, reviewing their notes, and engaging in additional tutoring is the best way for any student to accelerate their learning and improve their grades. However, there are many other ways in which a student can learn skills which can benefit their academics. Learning to play an instrument is one of them.

Don't Discount the Benefits Which Learning to Play an Instrument Can Provide

While many parents can dismiss the idea of joining a band and learning to play an instrument as purely enjoyable and without academic merit, the act brings with it a wide range of benefits. To help you understand just some of these benefits, The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA has the following post to share.

Group Study Sessions, Projects, and Assignments

While some students may not like the idea and feel that they perform at their best alone, their educational path is going to include group assignments, study sessions, and presentations. This can catch some students off guard as they are unaccustomed to participating in groups. Participating in a band is an excellent way for students to become accustomed to working with their peers without the stresses or pressures which come with academic subjects. Instead, students learn how to participate with their peers whom are all working towards the same shared goal with no academic pretences to worry about. In short, students learn to help and accept help from students while performing a task they enjoy. On top of this, students all learn how to accept constructive criticism and also provide it to other students.

Ignore Distractions

Have you ever participated in a band practice session which includes new students who aren’t as adept at playing their instrument just yet? If you have then you are aware of just how hard it can be to stay focused on your own music while listening to incorrect music being played beside you. You will also know that after a few practice sessions you were able to focus entirely on your own music without being distracted by what was happening beside you. This is an invaluable lesson for every student to learn and one which can and will help them to complete more productive study sessions when they pick up their textbooks and have to listen to other students talking around them, siblings doing their best to make as much noise as possible, or even the general sounds outside in the environment. If you find that your student just can’t seem to break away from distractions, speak with The Tutoring Centre, Santa Clara CA about the distraction free learning environments available where children receive productive one-to-one tutoring classes. Speak with a teaching professional by calling (408) 816 7825 to arrange a free consultation where you can learn more about how tutoring in Santa Clara, CA can help your student keep their learning on track.


Some parents consider this a natural talent which all students have. However, the reality is that more and more children are choosing to seek out distractions such as cellphones and social media outlets when faced with an intimidating challenge in their educational path. Of course, this is the very recipe for disaster! Music provides the perfect platform to teach children the benefits of perseverance because it includes immediate rewards. As an example, a student faced with a complex sheet of music will at first feel overwhelmed and that they aren’t able to complete it. However, by attempting each part over and over again, they see immediate incremental rewards as they are able to play more and more of the sheet music each time. Because these rewards happen within the span of a few hours, students see large and encouraging results to what were seemingly big challenges. This is an important lesson which students can transfer to their academic path when given large and seemingly daunting assignments by their teachers. Instead of believing they simply can’t compete a task so big, they know that persevering will get them to their end goal successfully and with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Where Were We up to Again?

This is something which many students who perform as part of a band or orchestra say less than those who don’t. The reason is that they are able to keep counting without realizing they are actually counting. While it may not be rocket science, learning to play music is a great platform to teach children to think without thinking. The perfect example is playing the piano. Students who play the piano need to focus on different scales of music in both treble and bass clef. In addition to this, the timing of each clef can be changing constantly. A daunting task at first, but after practice, students realize that they are not only using different hands to play music at a different tempo, but they are also able to read ahead of the music to prepare themselves for changes in the count. While it may seem trivial, this is another great example of a student thinking without thinking.

Boost Your Child's Grades and Confidence with Tutoring in Santa Clara CA

Learning to play an instrument is a great way for children to complement formal tutoring classes in Santa Clara CA. If you feel that your student requires additional support, their grades are slipping, or you know that they can raise that B to an A, speak with The Tutoring Centre, Santa Clara CA by calling (408) 816 7825 and book a free consultation. During your first visit, a learning professional can answer any questions you have about one-to-one tutoring and the benefits which it can provide.


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