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Are you wondering how you can help your child to start setting goals? Helping your child develop goal-setting skills from a young age will allow them to be responsible and start developing healthy habits. Learn more in this post by The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA.

Teaching children to develop their goal-setting skills from a young age can make a big difference and allow them to form healthy habits from early on. Setting goals teaches children responsibility and independence. Read this article by The Tutoring CenterSanta Clara, CA, and learn some tips on how to help your child start setting goals.

Help Your Child Set Their Own Goals

It’s important for children to be able to decide and think about what they would want to achieve, as this will help them get motivated and work towards their end goal. By deciding their own goals, it will help them have a positive view of the situation as they will see value in what they are trying to achieve. Setting personal goals and achieving them can be a powerful thing and will lead your child to be more prone to set future goals on their own. You can help your child to start setting academic goals by asking questions like, is there a class you would want to have a better grade at? Is there a skill you would like to develop?

Help Them Plan out

Help them come up with a plan. Is there a certain time frame the goal should be achieved at? Remember that the goals should be reasonable, achievable, and believable. Help your child be realistic and set a goal they can accomplish ant that goes according to your child’s level of skill. This will also help your child believe they can accomplish it as they will know they have the ability to start working towards it.

If you notice your child struggling along the process, enrolling them in one-on-one tutoring in Santa Clara can help. The tutoring experts at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA, will help your child improve their goal-setting skills. Schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment today by calling (408) 816-7825

Brake It down in Small Steps

Setting goals can sometimes be overwhelming for children, especially if they feel the goal is too big. Braking down the goal in small steps is a great way of making everything more manageable and understanding more clearly what needs to be done in order to reach the end goal. Braking things down will also help your child stay inspired and motivated along the way as they will be able to see results and feel like they are moving forward as they achieve smaller tasks.

Help Them Monitor Their Process

Monitoring your Childs progress is essential. Not only for your child and yourself to see how they are improving, but to see if there are things that need to be changed or strategies that need to be adjusted. If your child wants to improve their reading abilities, you can monitor their progress one a week by counting how many lines, words, or pages they read in a specific time frame. Also, when doing math problems, you can monitor how much time your child takes solving certain problems.

If you want your child to improve their goal-setting skills further, enroll them in one-on-one tutoring in Santa Clara. The tutoring experts at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA, will help your child reach their academic goals successfully. For more information and to schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment, call (408) 816-7825.

Teach Them by Example

Children learn best by example, and what better way to teach your child about goal setting than sharing your own goals with them! Talk to your child about the goals you are setting and how you plan on achieving them. Also, share with them the small things you achieve and the new things you learn along the way. This will help them get excited and feel like they can achieve their own goals too.

Reward Them, Let Them Know You Acknowledge Them

When your child reaches their goal, celebrate with them! Having the satisfaction from achieving their goals is amazing, but positive re-enforcement will encourage them yo continue setting new goals. Remember not to go overboard, you wouldn’t want to make the reward be the motivation to achieve a goal. Instead, take some time to talk about their progress and to appreciate the new abilities and knowledge they acquired.

Help Your Child Improve Their Goal-Setting Skills by Enrolling Them in Tutoring in Santa Clara

The tutoring experts at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA, can help your child develop their goal-setting skills and can help them reach them successfully. Enroll your child in one-on-one tutoring and speak with a tutoring expert to learn more about the benefits of personalized tutoring. Schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment, and for more information, call (408) 816-7825.


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