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Getting Your Teen on the Path to Scholarships

With the price of a higher education getting more expensive every year, the prospect of paying for college can be daunting for both teens and parents. The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara has some tips on how your teen can start applying for scholarships even before they graduate from high school.

Keep a Record

When applying for a particular scholarship, your teen will usually be asked for some proof of an accomplishment, certification or extra curricular activity. Whether you prefer to separate them by arena, such as community service, or by year, having a portfolio of all records of achievement with save you and your teen time when it comes time to fill out those applications.

Good Grades

Help your teen remember how important each year of high school will be when all these grades are summed up together to form their acceptance GPA for college. Anything above a 3.6 should put your high schooler in the arena not only for potential academic scholarships, but acceptance into some of the best programs.


While playing on the soccer team and participating on the debate team are valuable accomplishments that scholarship boards will be very interested in, it’s important to balance school extra curriculars with service outside of school, too. Look for areas in your community where your teen might be able to get involved, whether it’s passing out flyers for a food drive or volunteering for a political campaign.

Teacher’s Recommendation

During the first few years of high school, keep an eye out on report cards for positive comments from a teacher and log them away in your teenager’s scholarship portfolio. By the time your teen is a senior, there will be a whole arsenal of teachers to ask for a potential recommendation for college.

Tutoring in Santa Clara, CA

The process of keeping your teen on the path to scholarships for college can be exhausting! For any extra help with reading, writing or math through one-to-one tutoring or private tutoring in Santa Clara, please give us a call today at 408-816-7825 for more information.


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