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3 Easy Steps to Help your Teen Transition Into High School

The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara knows the first day of high school can be a scary one. Meeting new people, finding classes in a big, new building and adjusting to a heavier homework load can be overwhelming for your teenager. Help them adjust to their new high school routine with a few simple steps:

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

While you can only have so much control over all the new obstacles your high schooler will face, you can help your teen understand some of the logistics of their new schedule and alleviate any extra anxiety they may have. Establish how your teen will arrive to and return from school, whether they are packing or buying their lunch, and what time their extra curricular activities will be. If they have anxiety about a particular aspect of their new life, help them find a solution, such as scouting out where their new classes will be before the school year starts, or finding a place where you will pick them up everyday.

Prioritize New Friendships

Making friends is crucial in allowing your teen to integrate themselves into their new environment, so don’t forget to give them time to get to know their new peers. Finding people they feel comfortable with will give them confidence and help them feel secure about who they are and where they fit in.

Best Foot Forward

While you want to avoid overindulging your high schooler with material purchases, a few new things for the school year will help them feel confident, as they step out with a new backpack or t-shirt. High school can be an intimidating place, so help your teenager feel and look their best.

Private Tutoring in Santa Clara

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