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Tips to Improve Your Child's Concentration

If you notice that your child doesn't pay as much attention as you like, don't despair, you and they aren't alone. While some students are great as paying attention, others need a little helping hand. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara has a few ways to share about how you can help to improve your child's focus and concentration.

Keep Them on Task

If you have asked your child to complete a task and they are - wait! Don't give them anything more to do until they have finished it. The more they have to do, the more options that they have to be distracted. While it can be tempting to save time and load them with chores for the afternoon, it's important that they learn the importance and benefit of completing a task in full before moving on to another.

Create the Right Working Space

While it may be strange to you, if you find that your child doesn't do well with just sitting and ready in a quiet environment, take them out to the park. Set up some books and a blanket and let them read or study in the outdoors. Many children benefit from ambient noise around them when studying as it can increase their ability to retain the knowledge they are attempting to learn.

Speak With Their Teachers

Your student spends a large amount of time with their teachers, so it stands to reason that they are able to provide good advice when it comes to how your child behaves in school. Ask them if they have noticed any common distractions that take your child's mind away, or conversely, if they have tried and succeeded with any techniques to help your child stay on track.

Tutoring in Santa Clara

If you still can't seem to help your child focus, it's time for something more structured, like formal tutoring in Santa Clara. Book your free consultation with The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara on 408 816 7825 and learn about how one-to-one instruction can give your child the help they need when it come to focus and attention.


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