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Don't Let Your Child's Lesson Disappear in the Summer Heat

After months of early starts, coursework, and stressful exams, our children are now enjoying their well-earned summer break. Months of freedom from classes works wonders for their stress levels. However, it can have an adverse impact on their academic achievement. If your children do not maintain educational activities over the summer, they can experience a ‘regression’ in their learning. This can lead to starting the new school year behind their classmates and below their expected grade level. Summer learning loss is very common and can lead to a loss of over two month’s worth of knowledge in subjects such as math and computing. So, how do you keep your child’s brain active during the summer and avoid summer learning loss? In this article, the experts at The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara would like to share our top tips for maintaining optimal learning over the summer months.

Creative Writing

An excellent way to keep your child’s brain and imagination active over the summer is to encourage them to undertake creative writing tasks. This keeps them thinking and learning in a fun and interactive way. A good way to encourage creative writing is to ask your child to write one page of a short story per week over the summer vacation. At the end of the vacations, before heading back to school, you can collect their pages together and make them into a book for them to keep. This is not only beneficial for their academic achievement, but will also help them with their self-esteem as they will feel proud of their first novel.

Practice Weak Skills

As a parent, it’s important to spend time getting to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps they’re a math genius, but they struggle with literature. Or maybe your child is very creative but finds more rigid subjects like science or math more challenging. Whatever their areas for improvement are, it’s a good idea to identify these and use the summer break as an opportunity to work on them. Dedicating just thirty to forty minutes a day to practice weaker skills and reinforce topics covered the previous year will reduce the risk of summer learning loss and help your child go into the next academic year feeling confident and capable. If your child struggles in certain subjects, consider tutoring in Santa Clara. This could be the extra support that they are looking for. The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara offers an excellent selection of tutoring services at a tutoring learning center near you. Call The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara today at (408) 816-7825 to find out how your child could benefit.

Make Everything a Learning Opportunity

Although it is essential to keep undertaking learning activities over the summer break, your child may feel that they need a rest and not respond well to formal, structured learning activities. But, never fear! You can make everyday activities into learning opportunities, so your child won’t even know that they’re studying. For example, when traveling in long car journeys, play spelling games where one family letter says a letter to begin with, and others take it in turns to add a letter to create a word. This is good spelling practice and also helps your child to improve their vocabulary. Instead of listening to the radio, try listening to audio-books to further improve vocabulary skills and spark an interest in literature.


There is no better way to avoid summer learning loss than by attending tutoring services over the summer break. In addition to providing specialized tutoring programs, the atmosphere at a tutoring learning center is focused on learning. This means that children are provided with a distraction free environment where they receive one-to-one instruction. Children who attend tutoring classes feel comfortable asking questions they may have been hesitant to ask during their regular school classes, and are provided with immediate feedback and assistance, without having to wait for the teacher to get around to addressing their challenges.

Tutoring Services near Sunnyvale

The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara offers a range of innovative tutoring services through our Geniuses in Training programs which are designed to help your child not only maintain what they have learned this year but to gain new knowledge and skills that will help them in higher grades. Offered subjects are varied, so at The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara, there’s something for everyone. Call today at (408) 816-7825 to arrange a free consultation.


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