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How to Tackle Education Based Stress

While it can be easy to remember our experiences at school and the stress that we encountered, with such a dynamic change in the school culture it can be hard to identify with the stresses your child is now facing. In this post, Tutoring Center Santa Clara has a few ways to not only identify, but help alleviate school stress.


While it's common for your kids to be short with you at times, if it feels like it's more than usual, it could be stress. Without prying it out of them, do your best to get more information about their studies and any exams or reports they have due. Lead this conversation in a positive light and offer ways to help with the subject, offering to help with looking for further reading materials or locating notes that they can listen to on their way to and from school.

All Teenagers Are Hungry!

One of the easier signs to notice is a lack of appetite. If your child suddenly becomes disinterested in food and lets their mind wander at the table, have a casual talk and see if they are spreading their brain a little too thin when it come to extra-credit work. Whip up a quick weekly schedule to plan out their time effectively, ensuring time is set aside to eat and keep their brains fueled.

Are You Hearing Them Snore?

If your children seem tired getting ready in the morning, they may not be getting enough rest and sleep. Speak about how long it usually takes them to relax their mind and drift off to sleep. If you identify a sleeping problem, something as simple as a 'white noise' app on a phone can do the trick to help an active brain relax and recuperate.

Tutoring in Santa Clara, CA

There are just some of the ways to identify and help your child with stress and help their education stay on track. If you feel like your child is feeling stressed, speak with the Tutoring Center in Santa Clara on 408 816 7825 about how a structured academic program could be the best way for your child to study and retain knowledge.


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