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It can be easy for students to think that the summer break is meant for sitting on the couch playing video games or watching movies with their friends.

All students love one common part of the school year - the summer vacation! After all, this is the time dedicated to them lazing on the couch, watching movies with their friends, and spending every other waking minute double tapping on as many social media posts as possible, right? While this is certainly a student’s understanding, the reality is that, while children deserve a break, there needs to be a happy medium between vacation and learning. The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA has a great post on the topic, below.

Responding to a Report Card

There are many students who were able to achieve the grades they aimed for during the previous school year, however, there are many more students who, despite trying their hardest, returned home with a report card filled lower-than-expected grades and a range of teacher comments. And while the grades are a big help, the notes which teachers include can be used to help improve your child’s learning over the summer break. Start by carefully reading each of the notes written in your child’s report card, looking for a common theme. For example, if your student struggled with their public speaking and presentation skills, then it’s likely a number of teachers will have noticed and remarked on their report card. Once you have this information, incorporate small learning instances into their day, such as:
  • Copy a range of paragraphs from textbooks, magazines, and even comic book stories, and attach them to snacks in your kitchen, requiring your students to read the paragraph aloud to a family member before enjoying the snack.
  • Reading the daily mail to you while you prepare dinner or complete errands is a great way to both improve their public speaking and expose them to a range of writing and reading styles.
  • Head to the library or the bookstore and encourage your child to choose any book they would like. Now, make your way to the park for a reading picnic and ask your student to read you some of their favorite passages in the book throughout the day.
Of course, if your child struggles in a different area, adapt these tips or, even better, take it even further with your own creative ideas for introducing instances of incidental learning. If your child struggled with the previous year then it’s likely they will attend the new school year already behind their classmates. Summer tutoring in Santa Clara CA is a great way to help a student fill in any learning gaps and prepare them for the year ahead. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA today by calling (408) 816-7825 and speak with a trained learning professional about the benefits of tutoring in Santa Clara CA.

Prepare for the Year Ahead

It’s important for children to remember that each school year will be more difficult than the last, leading many students to worry over the summer break that they won’t be able to complete their new work. If this sounds like a student in your home, sit with and discuss which areas they are concerned about and come up with a plan to help them prepare, such as:
  • Help them to read ahead in their textbook. This is both a great way to learn and also to identify any potential challenges which may occur.
  • Practice tests are a great way to both show your student just how well they are doing and improve their confidence, and another great way to identify and learning challenges.
  • If you know older students, ask to speak with your student about how they felt during the year and how they overcame their own challenges.
One of the great benefits to these tips is that they allow parents to identify their child’s learning challenges and address them in person, over the summer break. For example, if you and your child are reading ahead in the textbook and they struggle with a set of math equations, separate and focus on these with small games and quizzes throughout the summer break. Similar to the first tip, whatever your child’s learning challenge is, identifying it is the first step and allows you to take action.

Summer Tutoring in Santa Clara CA Works

If, through these activities, you and your student discover that they require a little more help than you are able to provide, tutoring in Santa Clara CA is the answer. To find out more about how tutoring in Santa Clara CA can help your student improve their grades and return to school prepared for the lessons ahead, speak with a trained learning professional during your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA. Call today at (408) 816-7825 to book your appointment and help prevent your child from falling behind their classmates in the new school year.


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