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Many factors can affect students' academic performance. In order to help students overcome any difficulties, learning about these factors can be a great first step. Read this article by The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA, to learn more about the topic.

Have you noticed your student struggling with school lately? Learning environment, social relationships, family matters, and motivation are some of the factors that come into play in a student's life. These factors can help students have a great academic performance or lead them to not perform well. In order to help your student, learn about some of the factors that may be affecting their academic life by reading this article by The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA.

Social Relationships

The relationship students develop with their peers can have a great impact on their academic performance. It's natural for students to start caring more about their social status as well as about the way their peers view them. Unfortunately, this can lead students to have higher levels of stress as well as affect their self-esteem levels. On the other hand, having positive relationships as well as peer support can create a dynamic in which students mix their abilities and support each other to achieve their goals. Paying attention to the social relationships students develop is crucial, both for their personal and academic life.


Having some level of stress is normal for every student. However, when stress starts to affect students' well-being as well as their self-efficacy, learning stress-management skills becomes a necessity. Providing students with a support system, both at home and at school, can have a great impact on their performance as well as help them learn how stress can be a great motivator.

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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Having healthy habits as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for being able to have a high academic performance.  Student's who have health problems tend to have a lower performance. Bad sleep habits and excessive screen time are some of the factors that usually prevent students from getting enough rest, preventing their brain from working at its full capacity and being able to properly retain the new information they are learning. It's essential for students to take proper care of their health in order to have the necessary energy to achieve all their goals.

Attitude Towards Learning

The view and attitude students have towards learning directly affects their performance. Students who have a bad attitude towards study usually lack motivation and have a hard time believing in their own abilities. By having an optimistic behavior regarding school, students are able to develop positive learning values as well as put in the extra effort into overcoming every obstacle and challenge they might face.

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Parental Involvement

The level of involvement parents have on their child's academic life is another factor that affects a student's performance. Student's who's parents have an active involvement in their studies often have higher educational aspirations as well as have higher academic achievements. Also, having support from their parents helps students be more confident and have higher levels of self-esteem, leading them to trust in their own abilities and knowledge and be more involved in their own academic life.


Motivaron is a very important as well as needed in order for students to learn properly. Unmotivated students, even though they might have the abilities to obtain high grades, often don't care enough about their performance. On the other hand, students who are motivated use that same motivation to direct their attention into the task they need to get done as well as are able to minimize their distractions or have an easier time resisting them. In order to help students feel motivated, it's important for them to receive constant feedback as well as feel supported along their academic path.

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