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Does your student always seem distracted when they study? Do they spend hours in their room but don't seem to make much progress? This article can help you create a study space which can help.

Every time that your student sits down to review their textbooks for an upcoming exam or to complete their assigned homework, the environment in which they are studying can greatly determine just how effective and productive their study time is. For this reason, it is important that your child studies in the right space.

Creating a Learning Conducive Learning Space for Your Youngster

If you notice your youngster reading their homework assignments or textbooks while sitting in front of the TV or talking to you while you prepare dinner, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA to help you create a great study space for your youngster.

Remove All Distractions

If you read the title are immediately thought about removing their cell phones and thus removing all distractions, then you are in for a surprise. While a cell phone is definitely on the list of distractions, it, surprisingly, isn’t always the most distracting. For example, consider the following distractions:
  • Siblings playing in the yard
  • The lawn being mowed
  • Noise from the vacuum cleaner downstairs
  • Incoming and outgoing foot traffic
  • Cookware being used and various beeps and noises from the kitchen
While these may just be the sounds which come from the general running of a household, they can also be serious distractions for a student who is trying hard to study. For this reason, take a look around your home for spaces which are peaceful during the times your student usually studies. When you take a tour of your home, consider options like: If you have a large laundry space, consider whether a small desk and portable chair will fit in the area and provide enough space for your student to work unbothered. An outdoor deck can be a great option if you instill a rule to prevent people walking outside during study time Of course, you aren’t limited to these options. Any space in your home which you think can handle the job, consider using it. If your student is struggling with their homework or school in general, tutoring in Santa Clara, CA can help. Call The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA today at (408) 816-7825 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment where a learning professional can answer any questions you have about the benefits of tutoring in Santa Clara, CA.

What Do They Need?

Nobody likes to admit it, but the truth is that when something becomes difficult you look for any excuse to leave the task and never return. Similar to that painting class you took up but never finished or even the aerobics DVD collecting dust. In the case of your student, the easy escape is to get an item they need to study. For example, a measuring instrument they forgot and need to complete a worksheet, or a glass of water to help keep them hydrated, alert, and prevent them from falling asleep. Before each study period, have your student tell you what they need and be sure that it is accessible in their study space. If they use the same items often, consider using a small basket which you can store and transport the items between study spaces.

The Best Lighting

It can be easy to think that a single light bulb on the ceiling is sufficient to study. And while it’s sufficient to go about your daily life, unfortunately, it may not always be the best lighting choice for studying. Why? If the lighting is too dark then it can lead to eye strain and often cause your student to feel like they want to fall asleep. If the lighting is too bright, however, then it can cause eye strain and make the text difficult for a youngster to read. Whichever space you choose based on the first tip, look for ways to improve the lighting. Often a simple floor lamp borrowed from another room or even a small portable desk lamp will do the job.

One-To-One Tutoring in Santa Clara, Ca Works

If you notice that your youngster is still struggling with their homework or their assignments, speak with The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA at (408) 816-7825 and find out how tutoring in Santa Clara, CA can help. Call today to book your free diagnostic assessment and learn more about the benefits of subject-focused one-to-one tutoring programs.


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