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The majority of students believe that the start of the new school year should be spent getting to know their teachers, meeting their new classmates, and brushing up on the previous year’s lessons.

The reality is that with the limited time available to teachers, students are expected to begin...

As the new school year comes close and, in some cases, has already begun, parents around the state are struggling to get their students out of bed and into a school routine. Summer vacation is a great time for students around the country to enjoy a well-deserved break from school and the...

Trying to find ways to improve your child’s’ reading and writing abilities while also enjoying the summer sun? This article has some great activities to share! Everybody knows that the summer break is a great opportunity for students to get out and enjoy the summer sun. However, it’s also the...

It would be easy to think that the summer learning slide is a great fun activity everybody can enjoy at the local park where you slide. Unfortunately, the reality is very different with your student actually losing information. Also, there’s no fun slide! Instead, the summer learning slide...

Every parent thinks it: group study sessions are nothing more than children sitting around talking about the latest gossip or sharing their favorite memes. To be fair, it’s a reasonable assumption. However, in reality, and if moderated correctly, a group study session can be a powerful...

If your student is struggling in class or isn't performing as well at school as you know they can,  tutoring in Santa Clara, CA can help. Every parent wants their child to reach their potential, but it isn't always as easy as finding a great school and setting up a place for your youngster to...
Does your student always seem distracted when they study? Do they spend hours in their room but don't seem to make much progress? This article can help you create a study space which can help.

Every time that your student sits down to review their textbooks for an upcoming exam or to complete...
Your home isn't the only thing which can benefit from spring cleaning. Your student's cluttered notebook is just waiting to be cleaned out and rearranged, and now is the time to do it!

Have you noticed that your youngster rolls their notebook around on a skateboard because it's so heavy and...
If you were to ask each of your child’s friends to teach you how to complete a puzzle you would probably come across a range of teaching methods.

These could include getting up and acting out an equation with objects around your home, the youngster writing down detailed instructions for you to...
Do you struggle to steal your child's attention away from the TV screen for long enough to eat let alone to learn during the cold months? This article has tips which can help!

Keep Your Child's Body and Brain Warm and Active

If you were to take photos of the rooms in your home during the warm...


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