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Boost Your Child's Regular Schooling With Tutoring

While it can often get a bad report, your child's regular schooling path will be able to provide them with the basic teachings and understandings that they will need as they leave school and prepare for their futures. Providing a regulated...

Some of the Many Benefits of Tutoring in Sunnyvale

As parents we are always looking for additional ways to not only improve our children's grades, but make sure they are learning  as much correct and appropriate information as possible, preparing them for the outside world and more importantly,...

Tips to Improve Your Child's Concentration

If you notice that your child doesn't pay as much attention as you like, don't despair, you and they aren't alone. While some students are great as paying attention, others need a little helping hand. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Santa...

How to Tackle Education Based Stress

While it can be easy to remember our experiences at school and the stress that we encountered, with such a dynamic change in the school culture it can be hard to identify with the stresses your child is now facing. In this post, Tutoring...

The Challenges or Encouraging Your Child to Read

Getting your child enthusiastic about reading can often be quite the task for today’s parents, but it doesn't have to be. Tutoring Center in Santa Clara has put together some handy tips to help encourage your child's full reading...

Help Avoiding Common Spelling Mistakes

Here are some mnemonic devices to help you remember to distinguish these words. The mnemonic devices are only suggestions. Use whatever works best for you.

Ascent vs Assent

"Ascent" come from the verb "ascend" and means to climb. "Assent" means agreement. To...

Math Formulas You Should Know by Heart

Math builds on the knowledge you have gained before, so there are certain formulas you should memorize to help you advance. Here is a list of a few of them.

Triangle Formulas

Area=1/2(b*h) Think of a triangle as half of a rectangle, so you need to take half...

Composition Help: Avoid These Common Writing Mistakes

Here are some words and phrases that are often misused in writing. Take note to avoid making the same mistakes.
  1. Etc. Et cetera shows laziness. Demonstrate the opposite by providing another example to show that you could have added...

Back-to-School Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

After a summer full of road trips, late nights and a sporadic schedule, getting back to school and early mornings can be challenging for you and your high schooler. The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara has some tips that will get you and your teenager...

Getting Your Teen on the Path to Scholarships

With the price of a higher education getting more expensive every year, the prospect of paying for college can be daunting for both teens and parents. The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara has some tips on how your teen can start applying for...


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