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Guide to Critical Reading

Given the surplus of information available to the modern world in the Internet age, being able to read critically has become even more crucial than before. Being able to understand information conveyed involves more than just basic literacy, but an ability to analyze a text to determine the logical consistency, tone, organization, and more. Here are a few tips that will help you and your child to become better critical readers.

Be the Audience

Writers write for a purpose, and they have a target audience in mind when they put their ideas to paper. Find out about the life of the author, why she wrote the text, and for whom she wrote it. Understanding these facts will help identify the author's purpose.

Open the Mind

Reading critically requires putting on someone else's hat, thinking in the way that the reader wants. When you read critically, you must put aside your personal feelings and focus on what the writer is saying. Give the writer a chance to present her argument.

Take It Slow

Do not rush through the text. You may miss key facts pertinent to your understanding.

Use References

If you come across a word or person or idea you do not know, look it up. The writer put it there for a reason, so find out what it is.

Mark It Up

Use a highlighter on the main ideas. Make notes on the margins of the premises of the author's argument. Note any assumptions. By writing while reading, you help yourself to remember and also find links that may not be explicit in the text.

Write It Down

Keep a reading journal to record your own personal thoughts about what you have read. Again it will serve to help you recall the arguments the author makes and also help you improve writing of your own ideas.

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