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If you will be enlisting your children to help with your spring clean, this article can help make their tasks a learning experience.

A Cleaning Lesson

For parents, spring likely means spring break and time for annual spring cleaning. If you plan your spring cleaning around your children’s time off to enlist their help, The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA has prepared a post on how you can make the task an educational one.

Start at the Start

The first time that the majority of children will see their parent’s cleaning plan is when they are receiving their tasks. However, by this time, they have already missed on on a valuable lesson on time-management which can help them in their educational path. This year, include your children in the planning stage:
  • Show them how you prepare your list, including any tips for ensuring there is no task forgotten.
  • Teach them what you consider when deciding the priority of an item and when rearranging the items on your list. During this, be sure to teach them just how important prioritization is.
  • When you are working out how long each item will take, include them in your calculations, such as teaching them about preparation time and resources required.
  • Once you have all of this, show them how you piece everything together including why you made the decision you made.
In addition to benefiting from a hands-on and practical lesson, the above will also provide your child with a basic framework which they can employ when it comes time to go up against a heavy study schedule.


If you have younger children who are struggling with basic calculations and measurements, look to the act of the ‘couch slide out and then back in.' As you move around your home, instead of simply sliding furniture items out and then back in, have your children measure each of the items, and then use these measurements to find an alternate space while you clean. Once they are confident they have located a place, help them move the piece of furniture to show them their math was correct. During this task, if you are sure that your student has incorrect calculations, help them to move the furniture item anyway so that they can get a practical lesson which can help them identify their mistake. When your child becomes comfortable with the task, ask them to complete it without any measurements. This can help boost their visual-spatial awareness. If your child is struggling in school, whether it’s with a single lesson or an entire subject, tutoring near Santa Clara, CA can help. Speak with a tutoring professional at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA by calling (408) 816-7825 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment. During your first visit, you and your student can learn about how one-to-one tutoring near Santa Clara, CA can help students at all learning levels.


Of course, you don’t want to bribe your children, but including a rewards system in your spring cleaning can be one way to raise their interest in the activity. For this tip, ask them for three different types of rewards they would like, ranging from small to large. These can include, choosing dinner for a set amount of times, an hour more of TV time each week, etc. Once they have these, assign each of the rewards to a measurement or space. As an example, if your child’s smallest reward was to choose a dessert for a week, then assign this reward to 20 square feet of space. Do the same for the rest of the tasks until each task has an assigned space. With this, instruct your children that, if they can clean the amount of space attached to a reward, then they can earn their prize. As you are discussing this, remind them that the space doesn’t need to be the floor. As an example, if they clean a wall and they can calculate its space, then they can include it. Similarly, if they clean cobwebs from the corners of their ceiling and can calculate each space, then this too can be included. While it may seem trivial to include these small spaces, the reality is that these spaces often provide the biggest challenge when it comes to calculating their space. This means that your student has to think harder, making the lesson a little more difficult and, in turn, beneficial.

Tutoring near Santa Clara, CA Can Help All Students

Of course, these aren’t the only lessons which can be taught with spring cleaning. Keep these ideas in mind when approaching the task and look for small lessons you can include. If your student needs a little more help, whether it be with a particular lesson or their report card suggested additional learning, tutoring near Santa Clara, CA help. Call (408) 816-7825 today and speak with a professional tutor at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA. Be sure to book your free initial diagnostic assessment where both you and your child can learn how one-to-one tutoring near Santa Clara, CA can work for you.


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