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Improve Your Child's Debating Skills With Reading

If you've ever had to challenge an opinion through your career path, or conversely, have been required to substantiate your position then it was your debating skills working hard to help you keep your cool and articulate your thoughts. While we can often take these skills for granted by simply considering them part of our personality, they are actually your learned debating skills at work. Throughout your child's educational path they will also acquire a set of these skills, often without them being aware. Knowing the importance of good debating, The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara has written this article to introduce you to a quick and easy way in which you can help your child boost their debating skills through shared reading.

It All Starts With a Book

For the purpose of acquiring these skills, we suggest that you allow your child to choose a book from your local bookstore. While the book is to be of their choosing, it is important that it include complex story lines with multiple characters. Once your child has chosen the book - buy two copies. One for them, and the other for you.

Now It's Time to Start Reading

With your books in hand, make a comfortable space for your both, either in a quiet room in your home or even out in the park for a reading picnic. Have a brief discussion regarding what you each think the book is going to be about. This conversation will be basic in nature given that you will have only read the back-cover synopsis, however, it's important to start with a base idea or understanding. Once you have both completed the first chapter, take a break to enjoy some snacks or treats and discuss what you have each read so far. While this is often seen as just discussing a book, for this task, challenge your child's perception of the book - even if you agree with them. If they feel like characters are moving in a certain direction towards a goal, challenge this idea and ask them why they think this. If you have an opposing opinion - great! Raise it with them and debate thoroughly why you believe your perception is the correct one. Be sure to articulate your thoughts well and set a formal yet relaxed tone for the debate. Once you both have an understanding of each others ideas - continue the next chapter. Reading is a great activity, both in an educational sense and for pleasure. To boost your child's reading ability, speak with The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara at (408) 816-7825 and book your free consultation. During this consultation, tutors at The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara can provide further information about our "Geniuses in Training" programs which are designed to help children improve their reading, along with their confidence.

Teach Them That It's Okay to Change Their Minds

As you and your child continue to do this activity, reading a chapter and then debating the storyline and characters, be sure to actively show your child that it's okay to change their point of view, even if it means admitting they, or you, were wrong and now agree with the others perception. The importance of this activity is to teach them to not only debate their position but listen and be receptive to others'.

How Close Was Your Initial Idea?

Once you have both reached the end of the book and have had thorough and articulate debates about how the story and characters were moving, compare your ideas to how you each thought the book was going to end, based on your initial discussion.

Take Their Skills Even Further With Tutoring Services Near San Jose

During this exercise, it's likely that your child will become argumentative and even raise their voice. When this occurs, calmly and politely remind them that the purpose of debate is to speak calmly and listen to each side. Teach them to be open to your perceptions, even if they consider them to be wrong, and encourage them to articulate their thoughts in such a way in which they are able to change your mind. Through this activity, your child can learn how to articulate their thoughts and perceptions in a calm and effective manner, which can be a great tool throughout their educational and career path. To take theses skills even further, a tutoring learning center such as The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara has purpose designed programs which can build your child's overall skill level. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Santa Clara about how tutoring services near San Jose can not only help them to improve their grades but to improve their confidence in debating.


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