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Have you ever wondered about the benefits of learning media literacy skills? Developing the skills to analyze and evaluate information and media content from a young age can be highly beneficial. Learn more about this topic by reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA.

What is media literacy? Media literacy means having the ability to analyze, evaluate, and access information and be able to understand the messages they’re sending. We are regularly exposed to an immense amount of information through different media (TV, streaming services, newspapers, magazines, and more). Children are in constant contact with social media, advertising, memes, viral videos, and more. Being in contact with such a tremendous amount of information makes it important for children to learn how to have a critical and analytical view around it. Learn about some of the benefits of children learning media literacy skills in this article by The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA.

Being Smart While Consuming Content and Information

By learning about media literacy, children learn to identify different types of media content and their intention. It helps them identify when information is credible as well as identify their communication techniques, such as advertising, who’s intent is to persuade people to buy specific products.

Learning about the Effects of Media on Our Health

Children spend a great amount of time in from of screens. Studies show that children spend, on average, 28 to 32 hours per week in front of a screen. There is an immense variety of content on the internet, on television, and streaming services. This means that children are in contact with different types of content, which in some cases can mean they are also exposed to violent media as well as media that has a rather negative connotation. This can have detrimental effects on their health, from causing feelings of anxiety to increase of fears, preoccupation, and so on. Media literacy allows children to identify as well as differentiate different types of contents and its effects. This enables them to make a conscious choice on the type of content they should consume.

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What Role Does Media Play in Our Culture?

Media content is continuously evolving and responds to different cultural necessities as well as shows present interests and social and cultural behaviors. With media literacy, children learn to understand content from al types like gossip, magazine covers, memes, movies, tv-shows, and more. This helps them comprehend the role of content in how our view and understanding of the world is created and in constant evolution.

It Helps Children Be Successful

We live in a digital world that makes us have to deal and work with technology more and more every day. This means that when our children are older, their interaction with technology will be even bigger. Having a deep understanding allows children to have a bigger technical competency as well as be better prepared to have a successful future.

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Understand the Author's Point of View

Children learn to analyze the propose of content and why it was made. Why did the author create this type of content? What was the author's propose for creating this product? Is it informative, persuasive, or for entertainment proposes? These types of questions allow children to have a better understanding of the type of influence media has, which allows them to make an informed choice on whether to consume the product or not.

Being Responsible While Creating Media

Awareness of the propose and point of view of consumers starts creating a sense of understanding of the impact a media product has on people. Being able to recognize points of view and the way creators and authors share their point of view in their own voice, creates a sense of responsibility around creating and sharing information with others.

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