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It's important for all parents to meet their child's new teachers, however, many parents leave with lingering questions or concerns. This article can help. As students around the country begin to make their way back to school for a new academic year, they all face one common challenge: meeting their new teachers. For some, it will simply be a teacher who they have seen walking around the school yards or have likely already interacted with. For others, it will be a completely new range of teachers in a completely new learning space.

Prepare for a Productive Meeting with Your Child's New Teachers

Of course, it isn’t just the students who meet a new teacher. Parents also need to take this time to think about their child’s new teacher or teachers. The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA knows just how important it is for a parent to be engaged with their child’s learning and teacher and has prepared some information below to help you prepare for your first teacher meeting


Just like yourself, every other parent of every other student in the school will also want to meet their child’s teachers. Matched with an already restricted timetable, you may find that you will be in for a short wait before you can meet your student’s teacher. As frustrating as this can be, try to be mindful that each teacher does their best to meet parents as soon as possible. With this in mind, prepare for a short wait between your child starting class and you meeting their new teachers.

While You Wait

Of course, the wait time is the perfect time to prepare yourself with a list. Take some time to sit down and write down all of the concerns that you have for your student as they move into the new school year that you would like to discuss. These discussion items can range from academic challenges you expect, behavioral and social concerns you have, right through to areas that your student excels at which you would like nourished. If you want to speak about it, write it down. Once you have your list, keep it with you for a few days. As you go about your daily business, add to the list as you remember items. For example, if you are in a store and attempting to calculate a sale price based on percentages, you may suddenly remember that your student also struggled with percentages during the previous year and is a topic to add to your list. Whether your child has already returned to school or is in the process of preparing, one-to-one tutoring in Santa Clara CA can help. Speak with a learning expert at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA today by calling (408) 816-7825 to find out how your child can benefit from tutoring in Santa Clara CA.

Let the Teacher Speak First

Just like you have prepared for the meeting, your child’s teacher will have done the same. However, it’s important that you let them speak first. During your first meeting, the teacher will introduce himself, talk to you about their learning style and any classroom conduct rules they have, along with the lessons that your child can expect to be presented with and any books that may be required reading. It is important to listen to all of this information first because as the teacher continues to explain the next year, your questions may get answered. Let them speak and make any mental notes or questions that you want to discuss afterward.

Don't Get Distracted

Natural conversation has a way of diverting to completely different topics. While this is the sign of a friendly and fluid conversation, when it comes to your parent teacher meeting, it can mean lost valuable time. During your meeting, be mindful to stay on the topics you have written on your list and make your way down through them as per their priority. For example, don’t let a conversation about a discussion topic that is third on your list turn into a discussion about an item that is seventh and forget the topics in between, or simply run out of time for them.

One-To-One Tutoring in Santa Clara CA Can Help

Students who lack confidence in their academics can often feel nervous about returning to school for the new year. If this sounds like your child, tutoring in Santa Clara CA can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA by calling (408) 816-7825 to book your free consultation where you can ask find out more about how tutoring in Santa Clara CA can help your child succeed.


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