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Just because you don't understand advanced mathematics or thermal dynamics doesn't mean that you can't help your child study over the summer break. This article can help. There is no denying the effects the summer vacation period can have on your student. In fact, a previous post was dedicated to the phenomenon. And while every parent wants to ensure their student isn’t affected, finding ways to help at home is often the biggest challenge.

Keep Your Child's Learning on Track Over Summer

In addition to formal tutoring in Santa Clara CA, The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA has the following ideas to offer that can help you keep your student’s brain sharp over the summer break.

Good Ole Flashcards

If you thought that you had seen the last of these then you’re in for some news. Well, actually, you’re in for some great news! These familiar learning tools are still a great way for you to help keep your child’s learning momentum going at home. One of the biggest reasons why flashcards aren’t used by parents more often is because of a perception that, if they can’t understand a textbook, how will they know what to write on the cards? The easiest way to overcome this misperception is to sit down with your student and take a look through their notebook. Now, while you might not be able to understand each and every equation or the strange alien language that is mathematical terminology, you can understand what lessons posed a particular challenge by looking out for the following indicators:
  • Incomplete notes.
  • An entire page of dictation.
  • Written, no, that’s not correct, let’s cross it out and try again, type of notes.
  • Once you have identified these lessons, have your student research the information to ensure it is correct and complete.
These are the notes that will form your flashcard content. When writing on your cards, break each question down (alongside your student) to the basic information, and write cards with questions like:
  • What year was the Hoover Dam construction completed? Concise questions such as these can help to trigger faster lesson recall.
In contrast, avoid writing out questions like:
  • At a cost of $49 million and beginning in 1931, when did completion of the Hoover Dam occur? Questions such as this can cause too much confusion and distract from the primary lesson.
Once you have these cards, make copies that you can keep around the house, in the car, or even in your bag. When you are stopped at a red light, use the moment to give your student a quick quiz. If you are at the grocery store and they want to choose what you will all eat for dinner, consider it a reward for a number of correctly answered flashcards. Flashcards are a great way for parents to get involved in their student’s learning and can be a great complement to formal summer tutoring in Santa Clara CA. Call (408) 816-7825 and speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA about how summer tutoring in Santa Clara CA can help your student hit the ground running when it comes time for the next school year to begin.

Game Night!

Family game nights are a great treat for everybody to enjoy. From Twister to Clue, everybody has to think on their toes and enjoy themselves. These games also provide a great platform for your student’s learning. Trivial Pursuit provides the perfect example. During the game, players are required to answer questions correctly before they can move around the board and win the game. To keep your student’s brain sharp, create your own small set of cards using the flashcard content above, and sprinkle them into the deck. Each time that your student lands on a certain space, pull out a flashcard question instead of one from the game deck. When you do this, be sure that you aren’t only asking your child questions relating to their school work. Simply sprinkle them in so that your student can still enjoy social and other themed questions while playing the game.

Summer Tutoring in Santa Clara CA Works

In addition to great techniques like the ones mentioned in this article, formal summer tutoring in Santa Clara CA is the best way to keep your child's learning momentum going. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA today by calling (408) 816-7825. During your free initial consultation, an expert can answer any and all questions you may have about the benefits of tutoring in Santa Clara CA and how it can help your child reach their learning potential.


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