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Improve Academic Performance with a Second Language

Modern foreign languages are becoming less and less popular subjects to study at schools in English-speaking countries. As so many people speak English as a second language, it can seem futile to invest so much time into studying a language when it is not necessary for communication. But, did you know that learning a language stimulates the brain in a unique way and provides a plethora of cognitive and educational benefits? The earlier your child begins to study a second language, the more they will be able to gain from it. In this blog, the team of experts at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA have put together some more information about some of the amazing ways in which language learning can stimulate your child’s brain. Studying a Language improves memory. Just like our muscles, our brains must be trained in order to perform better. The old saying ‘use it or lose it’ really applies here - the more your brain is challenged, the better its performance will be, and vice-versa. Learning a language requires students to remember a huge amount of information, and then go on to form connections between this new information and the existing information from their native language. This leads to improved memory function. This skill can then be transferred to other subjects, such as an improved ability to remember mathematical equations, historical dates, or important quotes. So, encouraging your child to learn a language will improve their memory and could help them to perform better across a wide range of other subjects. If your child has been struggling at school, have you considered tutoring in Santa Clara? The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA offers a wide range of professional services. Call today at 408 816 7825 to find out more and arrange a visit to a learning center near you. Language Learning Sharpens the Mind. When studying a foreign language, students learn from their errors. They must develop the ability to identify and correct anything that does not fit the patterns and rules that they have learned. Studies have shown that multilingual individuals are more perceptive of their surroundings and perform significantly better on standardized tests than monolingual students. The advantage of learning from this point of view is clear: it will help your child to ‘auto-correct’ in exams and written assignments, as well as helping them to identify patterns and anomalies, which is an essential skill when taking standardized cognitive tests. Mastering a second language boosts confidence. Confidence is an essential skill, both academically, and in the workplace. If a student is confident in their knowledge, they will answer questions decisively and not waste time second-guessing themselves in an exam. A confident student will be able to stand up in front of their professors and peers, without suffering the paralyzing anxiety that comes from a lack of confidence. Learning a second language is an excellent way to boost your child’s confidence - in order to put their new skills into practice they will have to try and converse with people, and inevitably make mistakes. Forcing them to step outside of their comfort zone and face their fears in this way will help them to realize that making mistakes is fine and that there is nothing to fear. This is one of the best activities that a person can undertake when trying to build their confidence. Learning a language improves native language skills. When we learn to speak our native tongue, we don’t focus on grammar and spelling rules. We simply listen to the people around us and imitate them. Learning a second language means first learning to understand your own language. Therefore, bilingual or multilingual people often have superior grammatical skills and a wider vocabulary in their native language than their monolingual counterparts. This is helpful when undertaking written tasks, such as term papers or written exams. Encourage your children to learn a second language and you’ll be amazed by how much their English language skills improve.

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