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Improved grammar and writing skills, efficient communication,  increased knowledge, a more extensive vocabulary, better understanding of the world, open-mindedness; these are only a few of the myriad different reasons why your child should read more this new year. If you notice that your child could improve on their reading comprehension skills, below you'll find some tips on how you can help them become a better reader.

How to Help Your Child Develop Reading Comprehension Skills

Encourage Them to Read More

When you're learning to ride a bike, the more you do it, the better you become at it. After all, practice does make perfect. Well, the same thing happens with reading. If your child reads often, they will improve their reading comprehension skills significantly. Read with them and allow them to choose their own reading material, so they feel more eager to pick up a book.

Provide the Proper Conditions

To fully understand a book, article, or other text, you're required to pay attention to what you're reading. For that reason, if you notice that your child's mind wanders when reading, you should ensure that they have the proper conditions to focus on the activity. This includes designating a space in your house for them to read, which should be free of distractions, have enough lighting, and the necessary furniture.

Read with the Right Tools

Speaking of providing your child with what they need to do a good job at reading, you should also give them certain tools that could benefit their comprehension process. Specifically, an updated English dictionary can guide them through it and may very well have a positive impact on their grasp of the material since it will allow them to search for unknown words, learn their meaning, and expand their vocabulary as they read.

Enroll Them in Tutoring

Regardless of the reason, if you sense that your child could use extra assistance in order to fulfill their goal of becoming an expert reader and a better student, you should consider enrolling them in one-on-one tutoring sessions. Through them, they will receive the time and attention they need to improve this crucial academic skill and will have more positive reading experiences from then on. Turn to The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA and their experienced tutors to give your child the academic support they need. Whatever their academic goal may be, they will empower your child to reach it during the new year. Contact them at (408) 816-7825 to request more information on tutoring in Santa Clara CA, or to schedule a free consultation.

Take Notes While Reading

If your child has a difficult time focusing on the reading material and keeping track of the different characters, plots, dates, and information, encourage them to keep a notebook and pencil handy while they're reading. Doing so will allow them to take notes as they read the text, which will help them be more aware of the information that is being presented to them. This will keep them from getting lost and confused.

Research the Topic They're Reading

Whether your child is reading a fictional story, an article, or other type of text, they will be able to understand it better if they have more information about it. For that reason, it can be very valuable to research the topic they're going over, so they can get a better sense of the context and references mentioned in it. Additionally, doing this will allow them to become more knowledgeable.

Employ Reading Techniques

Certain reading techniques can be a game changer when it comes to your child's comprehension of the written word. For example, reading out loud may help them assimilate the material better and will ensure they don't skip words, sentences, or paragraphs. You should also encourage your child to only move forward with their reading until they've understood the sentence or paragraph they're currently going over, to avoid confusion.

Discuss the Reading Material

Finally, engage your child in conversation about the material they're reading. This will give them a chance to express their doubts, comments, interpretations, and opinions on it. You should also share your own point of view of the text, so your child can be exposed to other perspectives and ideas. This will help make their reading experience much more enjoyble, enriching, and educational.

Improve on Reading Comprehension with Tutoring in Santa Clara CA

As mentioned above, the expert tutors at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara CA will gladly guide your child through their learning experience, so they can make the most out of it. They will help them develop and master reading, math, grammar, and other acacademic skills. Call (408) 816-7825 to enroll your child in tutoring in Santa Clara CA.


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