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Composition Help: Avoid These Common Writing Mistakes

Here are some words and phrases that are often misused in writing. Take note to avoid making the same mistakes.
  1. Etc. Et cetera shows laziness. Demonstrate the opposite by providing another example to show that you could have added more.
  2. Lots or lots of Substitute many or much in your formal writing. If you do use these words, remember that lots of something countable are plural. And a lot of is three words: "He wrote a lot of books" (not alot of).
  3. At this point in time Why so many words? Just say At this time or at this point or better now.
  4. So as to Again with so many words. To will do.
  5. Firstly, secondly, thirdly. Do not use the adverb forms. First, second, and third are correct.
  6. Just Don't overuse it, but just the right amount.
  7. Suppose to, use to. Do not forget the hard d at the end of these words, though they may appear silent in speech. "We used to play baseball" or "We were supposed to autograph baseball cards."
  8. Got Got is an ugly word. Avoid it if possible. Use must or have instead.
  9. Nature You can often avoid this word. Movies of a violent nature are probably just violent movies.
  10. The reason why is because. This is a problem for the Department of Redundancy Department! Just say because.

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