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While not immediately around the corner, the end of the educational year is coming to a close. This article more serves as a prudent reminder of the upcoming end of school year so that you aren't stuck closer to the date wondering what your student could have done to lift their grades.


There is no denying that hitting the textbooks, reviewing their notes, and engaging in additional tutoring is the best way for any student to accelerate their learning and improve their grades. However, there are many other ways in which a student can learn skills which can benefit their...
Improved grammar and writing skills, efficient communication,  increased knowledge, a more extensive vocabulary, better understanding of the world, open-mindedness; these are only a few of the myriad different reasons why your child should read more this new year. If you notice that your child...

How to Stop the Morning Madness, Now!

Mornings with children can be a struggle, whatever their age. When they’re toddlers, they won’t sleep in past 7 am, meaning that your Sundays start significantly earlier than they did before you were parents! By the time they are hitting their teens, the...
When it comes to learning, school and tutoring are the best options for a child to learn. During regular classes or tutoring sessions, students are taught valuable lessons and are encouraged to takes notes for further study. However, the value of the further study depends on the quality of the...

Improve Academic Performance with a Second Language

Modern foreign languages are becoming less and less popular subjects to study at schools in English-speaking countries. As so many people speak English as a second language, it can seem futile to invest so much time into studying a language when...
Every student benefits from having great studying skills. Being able to prepare with anticipation for an exam makes reviewing right before the event less stressful.  This post is all about being good and developing studying skills. The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara invites you to read on...

Top Tips To Improve Memory Function

Our children are growing up in a society full of distractions like smartphones, video games, and social media, to name just a few. Psychological research has found that spending so much time in a front of a screen, and receiving such a constant input of...

Don't Let Your Child's Lesson Disappear in the Summer Heat

After months of early starts, coursework, and stressful exams, our children are now enjoying their well-earned summer break. Months of freedom from classes works wonders for their stress levels. However, it can have an adverse impact on...

Quick and Easy Tips for Math Exam Success

Math is a fundamental topic. All secondary school curriculums and College entrance exams include a math portion. Furthermore, it is often required in the workplace and is used all the time during everyday life. But for many students, Math can be a...


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