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Improve Academic Performance with a Second Language

Modern foreign languages are becoming less and less popular subjects to study at schools in English-speaking countries. As so many people speak English as a second language, it can seem futile to invest so much time into studying a language when...
Every student benefits from having great studying skills. Being able to prepare with anticipation for an exam makes reviewing right before the event less stressful.  This post is all about being good and developing studying skills. The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara invites you to read on...

Top Tips To Improve Memory Function

Our children are growing up in a society full of distractions like smartphones, video games, and social media, to name just a few. Psychological research has found that spending so much time in a front of a screen, and receiving such a constant input of...

Don't Let Your Child's Lesson Disappear in the Summer Heat

After months of early starts, coursework, and stressful exams, our children are now enjoying their well-earned summer break. Months of freedom from classes works wonders for their stress levels. However, it can have an adverse impact on...

Quick and Easy Tips for Math Exam Success

Math is a fundamental topic. All secondary school curriculums and College entrance exams include a math portion. Furthermore, it is often required in the workplace and is used all the time during everyday life. But for many students, Math can be a...

How A Good Night’s Sleep Can Help Your Child Flourish.

Sleep is essential for the human body. During sleep, the body can focus on processes of healing and repair, as well as develop new pathways in the brain. Sleep deprivation (not getting enough sleep) can cause problems with attention,...

Improve Your Child's Debating Skills With Reading

If you've ever had to challenge an opinion through your career path, or conversely, have been required to substantiate your position then it was your debating skills working hard to help you keep your cool and articulate your thoughts. While we...

How Tutoring Services Near Sunnyvale Can Help Your Auditory Learner

If you were to think about the setup of your child's regular classroom environment it's often likely that the teacher will write the lesson on the board, students will copy it down, ask questions and then move on to the next...

How to Help Your Child See the Importance of Learning With Tutoring Services in Santa Clara

As your children head to school, often armed with a tablet and their cell phones their social lives really start to begin. Between using their cell phones to share pictures and status updates and their...

See the Grades You Know Your Child Is Capable of With Tutoring Services in Santa Clara County

If seeing reports cards with grades that are lower than you know your child is capable of has started to become second nature, or maybe the comments that the teachers are including are echoing what you...


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