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Help Avoiding Common Spelling Mistakes

Here are some mnemonic devices to help you remember to distinguish these words. The mnemonic devices are only suggestions. Use whatever works best for you.

Ascent vs Assent

"Ascent" come from the verb "ascend" and means to climb. "Assent" means agreement. To...

Math Formulas You Should Know by Heart

Math builds on the knowledge you have gained before, so there are certain formulas you should memorize to help you advance. Here is a list of a few of them.

Triangle Formulas

Area=1/2(b*h) Think of a triangle as half of a rectangle, so you need to take half...

Composition Help: Avoid These Common Writing Mistakes

Here are some words and phrases that are often misused in writing. Take note to avoid making the same mistakes.
  1. Etc. Et cetera shows laziness. Demonstrate the opposite by providing another example to show that you could have added...

Back-to-School Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

After a summer full of road trips, late nights and a sporadic schedule, getting back to school and early mornings can be challenging for you and your high schooler. The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara has some tips that will get you and your teenager...

Getting Your Teen on the Path to Scholarships

With the price of a higher education getting more expensive every year, the prospect of paying for college can be daunting for both teens and parents. The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara has some tips on how your teen can start applying for...

3 Easy Steps to Help your Teen Transition Into High School

The Tutoring Center in Santa Clara knows the first day of high school can be a scary one. Meeting new people, finding classes in a big, new building and adjusting to a heavier homework load can be overwhelming for your teenager. Help them...

Guide to Critical Reading

Given the surplus of information available to the modern world in the Internet age, being able to read critically has become even more crucial than before. Being able to understand information conveyed involves more than just basic literacy, but an ability to analyze a...

Keep Your Child's Mind Active All Summer

The summer months your child spends away from school can cause what is known as the summer brain drain. If they don't use information they learned over the school year, they can start to forget it. To avoid losing useful knowledge, make sure your child...
Summer break gives your child a chance to do a lot of things: play, have fun, rest, learn different skills and more. However, it can also be a time to improve academically. For instance, with summer tutoring in Santa Clara, your child will get a few different benefits that can help them in school...
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